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A stubborn female pirate captain.
A motley crew aboard a stolen ship.
A scattered family hiding secrets.
A deadly hidden treasure.
A villain harbouring intense hatred for pirates.
Sounds like your kind of adventure?
Want to know how the story ends for the heroine?
Itching to find out if she escapes the gallows?
Read "The Chronicles of Captain Shelly Manhar" today!

In this collection of bite sized stories, all may not seem to be as they are. Short but quirky, indulge in these pieces of fiction, as a substitute grim reaper struggles to do his job correctly, a favor owed to the devil takes an intriguing turn, and a night at the bar turns philosophical as the bartender deals with two unique souls. Delight in reading about a hike that goes awry, a student pondering over the beauty in simple things, and a monster hunt that ends abruptly, among other tales.

Perfect for a light reading, whether in the bus or right before going to bed, these stories are bound to make you giggle long after the last page has been turned.